Make in India Focus Group - Indian Energy Efficient invention is offered to Australian energy market Jul 15, 2019

At the initiative of the Australia India Business Council Make in India Focus Group, a proven energy efficient invention is now available for Australian energy companies and businesses.

A patented invention “A BATTERY FORMING AND CHARGING DEVICE “(Patent number IN 289443) offers the following advantages:

·       Increase energy efficiency in lead acid battery formation in manufacturing. 

·       Reduces energy consumption by 40%.

·      Increases production without any additional investment by 30%

·      Eliminates need for cooling systems for circulating corrosive fluids.

The above battery forming technique can be extended to Lithium-ion batteries also, which are commonly used for portable electronics and electric vehicles and are growing in popularity in other applications

This is hailed as a unique quantised energy delivery mechanism in the Indian power electronics industry.

Mr Avinash Abhyankar, a power electronics guru and Dr Gagan Patwardhan – a Lead acid battery manufacturer and exporter from Pune, India are joint owners of the above invention.

Mr Avinash Abhyankar with over five decades of experience in power electronics in India with reputed organisations including Tata Electric Company is an active member of the AIBC Make in India Focus Group.


Mr Avinash Abhyankar was in Sydney recently and says “I am looking to engage a company to integrate various energy components namely ultra-capacitors, batteries, engine generator, DC/DC convertor and develop EMS (energy management system).This project is not only of the interest in India, but I see its application in Australia as well, having global spread.”


The Make in India Focus Group has identified Electric Vehicles and Energy Management as key categories being pursued in Australia.



For further details contact:


Vish Viswanathan

Chair- AIBC Make in India Focus Group


Mob: 0411104249 

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