Australia India Business Council National Vice Chair calls for joint action to expose source of anonymous emails Jun 01, 2018


Jim Varghese, National Vice Chair of Australia India Business Council (AIBC) has called on the Australian Government, State Governments, Microsoft and Google to join forces and expose anonymous emailers who engage in cyber-bullying, defamation and harassment.

AIBC has successfully implemented a major reform agenda and certain opponents to this process have unfortunately resorted to vicious and defamatory anonymous emails on our National Chair and Board of Directors among others.

Mr Varghese said that it is deeply concerning that police have advised AIBC that it can be a slow and difficult process to trace and expose anonymous cyberbullies.

Mr Varghese believes this demonstrates a concern of very broad public interest.

With Victoria state elections and Federal by-elections around the corner, Mr Varghese has raised the prospect that candidates could also be targeted in the same way with little or no opportunity to identify perpetrators and respond within the course of short election campaigns.

Mr Varghese is calling on the Australian Government, State Governments, Google and Microsoft to declare war on anonymous cyber-bullying and harassment.

Mr Varghese has offered law enforcement authorities access to the unsettling anonymous email material received by AIBC in an effort to identify and press criminal charges against the perpetrators.

He believes this also presents an excellent opportunity for the Australian Government and State Governments to demonstrate that effective and prompt action can be taken against anonymous cyber-bullies and harassers.

Mr Varghese believes our corporate governance and even our democracy itself is under serious threat, and that a public enquiry on this issue may well be warranted. 

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